What is a Rolling Tray and What are They Used for?

What is a Rolling Tray and What are They Used for?

Today’s technology makes enjoying cannabis even easier than before. Whether you’re smoking concentrates, oils, or even bud, there’s a device to help you get the job done. However, if you’re someone who likes to enjoy blunts or joints, you may find it hard to get the same seamless, clean prep and consumption experience. Fortunately, there are tools like the rolling tray to help you. 

What is a Rolling Tray?

rolling tray is a flat surface specifically designed to aid users in rolling joints, blunts, or spliffs. As someone who takes pride in rolling the best wraps for  yourself or friends, having a rolling tray is definitely one way you can up your game.

And as we are the worldwide experts on the subject: using a custom rolling tray is an even better experience.

how to use a rolling tray

What are Rolling Trays Used For?

Rolling trays are designed to help you keep all of your items in one place while you roll, to offer a flat surface for your rolling activities. It's also great at catching anything that may fall during the process.

Additionally, they can be placed in your lap, which makes it easier to roll. When you’re all finished rolling, you have a convenient storage area for all of your materials. 

These are designed to streamline the process of rolling your joints and blunts. Some people may roll directly over their counters, plates, or coffee tables. This can be a messy process that leaves extra weed scattered and tools susceptible to falling down on the ground and getting ruined or crushed. If you’re someone who rolls up regularly, you’re going to want to get yourself one. 

As the cannabis family continues to grow, many people who would have never considered the benefits of the divine herb a few years ago are now learning how to roll a joint.

Luckily for first-timers, there are so many accessories and ways to consume cannabis today. These tools make smoking cannabis less stressful and more interesting. 

What are the Benefits?

There are numerous benefits of using this simple tool for rolling your joints and blunts. Some of these benefits include: 

Flat Surface to Roll on 

Whether you’re rolling on a table or on a counter, it’s hard to stand up or lean over for the duration of the grinding and rolling process, especially if you may already be a little high.

A rolling tray can be conveniently placed in your lap or next to your person to give you a flat surface on which to roll your joints or blunts. No longer will you have to stay in an uncomfortable position or risk spilling cannabis all over yourself to get the perfect roll. 

As a smoking enthusiast, your always looking for the best of the best, which means you prefer your buds void of any contaminants. This is why having a clean surface to roll the joint of your dreams is so important.

placeholders on a wooden bamboo rolling tray

Placeholder for Accessories

Are you tired of having to gather up everything you need every time you want to enjoy your cannabis?

With a bamboo rolling tray, you can use the placeholders to keep all of your cannabis tools and materials in one place. It’s all conveniently ready for you each time you want to roll up.

Just make sure that the area where it’s located is cool and dry if you decide to keep your weed in that location as well. Placeholder are usually on

Clean Table 

A rolling tray gives you a clean place to roll that helps you keep your table cannabis-free and preserves the weed that may fall out in the process. 

The worst thing about rolling directly on a table is the fact that all of the bud you ground tends to wind up scattered all over. This can result in a sticky table surface and unusable weed that’s attracted crumbs or dust once it landed on the surface. 

What Can I Use As a Rolling Tray? 

Some last-minute rolling tray ideas that can help you keep your rolling activities in one place include: 

Cafeteria Tray 

A cafeteria tray may not offer a lot of flat surfaces on which to roll, but it’s automatically sectioned off for various food items, making it perfect for the different tools you need to get the job done. Even better, it can be quite a unique item to have laying around! 

rolling up on a raw rolling tray


In a pinch, a book is a flat surface that can help you keep everything in one place. Just make sure to go for the biggest book and do your best to keep it balanced!

Trinket Tray 

Trinket trays are both flat and typically have raised edges, which are pretty much the two standards that you need. If you already have a trinket tray, you could always use this as a replacement instead of buying a new tray for your needs. 


As with a trinket tray, a plate with raised edges and a flat surface makes an excellent rolling tray when you don’t have one within reach. Better yet, you can easily clean a plate with some hot water and some elbow grease. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean it before using it for food. 


A frisbee may be a little short on space, but it will certainly catch any falling weed in the middle of the disc. The most important thing when it comes to using surfaces that are plastic or flammable is to have a dedicated ashtray on hand. 

rolling up cannabis on a magazinw


If you don’t have a book, a magazine will do the trick! As with the previous suggestion, make sure that you go for a big magazine and avoid any flames. 


Think of the rolling tray as the hub for your smoking activities. Having a dedicated space for rolling is important. It makes rolling and cleaning up easy. Rather than losing crumbs as they fall off while rolling, they fall on your tray, and you can use them later on.

They make things a lot easier. You wouldn’t have to run around looking for your rolling paper, grinder, or even lighter. It creates order for your process, which ensures you maintain a chilled, calm, and enjoyable hit every time.

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