If you’re a smoker, there are a few essential tools that you’re going to need on hand if you want to have a pleasant experience enjoying your blunts or joints. Arguably one of the most important tools is the ashtray. But while the name may be relatively self-explanatory, learning more about which options you have can go a long way in finding the perfect product.

If you find yourself ashing on the ground or in other places that are most convenient at the time, let’s take a closer look at cool ashtrays and why you should get one for yourself. 

What are Ashtrays?

Ashtrays are trays where you’re supposed to ash cigarettes and other rolled items that you smoke. Despite the fact that these objects are so well known, many people may not have their own ash trays, instead ashing their blunts or joints into their rolling tray, into the sink, or even into empty bottles and cans.

Although these are all valid ways to get the job done, unique ashtrays are simply more convenient. But why? 


Ashtrays give you a dedicated space where you can dump all your ash while you’re smoking. The first benefit that this offers you is that you no longer have to dump your ashes wherever it’s convenient. After all, it’s doubtful that you want to dirty your sink or your rolling tray in order to dispose of your ashes. The second benefit is that it’s easier to clean. With all of your ashes in one place, all you have to do is rinse out your tray, wipe it down, and return it to its place. When you decide to ash somewhere else, you always run the risk of ruining the surface of the object or even other areas of your home. It’s much better to be safe than sorry!

How to Choose an Ashtray 

The type of ashtray that you choose will depend upon your individual style and what types of tools you like to have around the house. However, the material is arguably the most important feature to pay attention to. What types are there? 

Types of Ashtrays

A few types of designer ashtrays that you’ll most likely come across while shopping for your own include: 

Glass Ashtray

Glass ashtrays are often the most intricate and stylish, offering you a beautiful piece that you can use to accessorize your space and keep your ashes from dirtying your indoor or outdoor living area. That being said, glass ashtrays are not for the clumsy smoker. If you constantly find yourself knocking over your bongs or dropping your pipes, getting a glass ashtray probably isn’t a safe bet for you. 

Silicone Ashtray 

Silicone ashtrays are often more colorful than other types of ashtrays, offering you a wide variety of options if you’re into neon, pastel, or even tie-dye designs. Additionally, silicone ashtrays come with the benefit that they’re not as easy to break. If you tend to opt for silicone pipes or bongs so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re going to accidentally knock them over one day, you should get a silicone ashtray for all of your smoking sessions as well!

Pocket Ashtray 

Are you someone who’s always on the go? If so, you may want to get a pocket ashtray! These are small and portable and offer you a space to drop your ashes so that you’re not getting them all over your clothes or on the ground. Just keep in mind that these products offer limited space, so you won’t find them too helpful if you smoke quite frequently while you’re out and about. 

Stone Ashtray 

Stone ashtrays are often more decorative in nature and offer a more reliable product that won’t potentially get knocked over by small movements. However, some stone ashtrays can be quite porous, which can make them harder to clean than other types. 

How to Clean an Ashtray 

So, you’ve found your favorite ashtray. But how do you clean it? It’s simple! All you have to do is empty your old ashes into a trash can, wash your tray with water and soap, rinse it out, wipe it down with a towel or rag, and put it back in its place!


Ashtrays are widely known tools, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has them. If you smoke regularly and are tired of dumping your ashes in random places, use the guide above to find your favorite type of ashtray now!

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