Glow LED Rolling Trays

LED Rolling Trays That Light Up

Keep your sessions looking bright with a glow in the dark light up LED rolling tray.

We’ve got a few different options for LED trays:

  • custom image LED trays

  • custom image LED trays with bluetooth speakers.

  • all-color LED rolling trays.

These trays look amazing when you turn the lights down for maximum chill, but still need to see while you’re rolling.

What are Glow Rolling Trays?

Glow rolling trays contain an LED light that light up the rolling area of a tray. It allows you to roll perfect products in low-light environments. These trays come with a few different features that you might want to know about:

Custom LED Rolling Tray:

One of the coolest smoking accessories—our best selling glow tray, this beautiful thing features a small rechargeable serving tray like design that you can customize with your own favorite image. Checkout our customizer and see what it looks like with your own image on it.

You can choose from six different colors

Lights Up

Glow rolling trays are equipped with various features, one of them being the lights with several color options.  Users can now add some flare and fun to their smoking experience with multicolored LED lights. Users can choose which color they want to light up with and they can keep the glow going by charging them up with a USB-c port and charging cable.

Features: Great for Dark Settings

Glow LED trays are wonderful for dark settings as they can enhance your nightlife events by creating a colorful glow, whether it's a cookies logo, Backwoods, or a runtz. 

Curved Edges for No Mess

Glow LED trays feature curved edges, which allows users to easily fill up their cones without the hassle of creating a large mess to clean up afterward. 

Just check our customer reviews (and the high star rating) and you’ll see these trays are well loved. Always an affordable regular price, our led glow tray is sure to delight you as well.

Custom LED Light Up Rolling Trays

If you want to make your own custom LED glow rolling trays, My Rolling Tray can help with that. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We can split designs into a certain quantity of trays. Make sure you have the design ready to go and let us know. We will get your custom LED rolling tray started!

So check out our LED rolling tray set, a perfect wish list item for you, or the stoner in your life. Only good vibes here.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you sell custom metal rolling trays?

No, we do not sell custom metal rolling trays in low quantities.  Let us know what bulk quantity of metal rolling trays you would like to purchase.

How long does it take to get an LED rolling tray when I order it?

Usually you’ll receive it in 5-7 business days.

What currency do you accepts?

USD (via credit cards or paypal)

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