If you're looking for an amazing personalized gift, or just a way to turn up your own sesh, a custom rolling tray is a great choice every time.

To create an amazing custom rolling tray quickly and easily, add that personal touch with our super-easy online tray customizer where you can add and position your own photos. 

What will you put on your full color, high quality rolling tray?

• Your significant other
• A collage of your best friends
• Your fam
• Your sweet little pets
• Your killer new ride
• The view from your favorite smoke spot
• Your anime fan art
• Your favorite athlete

The possibilities are literally endless!

Looking to to buy a gift for for a stoner friend? There is no better gift than one of our high quality unbreakable custom trays.

Use our tray to express yourself and fully customize edge to edge with your own graphic. If you have an image, ANY image, you can use our site to make a rolling tray in full color of that image.

It's Super Easy to Make Your Own Rolling Tray

All you have to do to design your custom tray is to upload a file (under 100mb) of an image you want to be on the tray, head to the checkout page and into your info, and then make a purchase at a great price—$34.95 USD (regular price is $44.95), in a few weeks you’ve got a stylish tray to use that you made yourself. You might search there, but you won’t find a great custom tray like this on Etsy—only MyRollingTray.com has this.

If you’re looking for a more complete experience, you can pair your custom tray with another custom accessory for a whole rolling tray set, including:

• an ashtray
• a grinder
• stash jars (glass jars)

You’ll have the best accessories on the block! (Someday soon we’ll have custom rolling papers, stickers (and other decals), and more. We’re always looking to add more cool stuff to the site.

About My Rolling Tray

MyRollingTray.com is the custom rolling tray destination you've been looking for. Whether you're buying one for yourself, or buying 100 for you business, we are the experts that can help make this happen.

Pre-Made Trays

If you're not in the market for a custom tray, you can browse through our selection of pre-made rolling trays. These are perfect quick gifts for your besties.


If you've got a strong brand a dispensary, or an otherwise industry-related business you're looking to promote or sell custom branded products, we've got you covered with our wholesale rolling trays.

An Unbreakable Rolling Tray

Our rolling trays are made from a super strong polymer—almost unbreakable! These incredibly durable trays are made from materials of the highest quality to ensure you get the best possible rolling tray.

Our custom rolling trays are made from a non-irritant polymer, which means no nasty chemicals. These trays are around 8”x5” — the perfect size to give you plenty of room to roll, and small enough to quickly toss in a backpack or purse to take with you when you go.

Take a Closer Look at Our Custom Rolling Trays:

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