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Collaborate with us for Promo Giveaways

Join our Affiliate Program for Competitive Commissions

Collab on Your Own Merch Collection for 2x Commissions

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Monetize Your Social Media with Unique Merch

Send us your photos and we'll set up your products with your images or artwork.

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Your Images on Unique High Quality Trays

Use your existing image content with our trays to create unique merch. Earn an extra commission when anyone purchases your artwork or images.

Example IG Model Collabs

Don't Worry - We'll Take Care of Everything.

When you collab with us we can help take care of the designs, fulfillment, and customer service for a zero-hassle, zero-cost setup.

Share Your Link(s) & Make Passive Income

Simply share your unique link(s) provided and make money from customers that order ANY tray from our site. If they order your tray, make 2x commission!

We Can Work with Brands, Too

Sell your brands content on your own channels and on ours to double exposure via wholesale rates or via affiliate with no inventory costs.

" This affiliate program is unique and has some of the most competitive payout rates you'll find anywhere - especially when linking and unique content are combined. With absolutely no setup or inventory costs and zero hassle, how could it get any better than that?

We invite you to see for yourself! "

— Sean P. / MyRollingTray Owner

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