How to Clean Your Rolling Tray?

How to Clean Your Rolling Tray?

If you’re a regular smoker, you know just how messy the act of smoking can be. From rolling your herbs to loading them to smoking them, every step of the process is messy, and often fun.

Fortunately, tools such as rolling trays can minimize the mess that you may experience when you begin smoking. But what happens when your tools get dirty? The good news is that there are plenty of tips out there to help you keep your rolling tray clean. If your rolling tray has taken quite the hit from your smoking, here are some tips on cleaning your rolling tray properly. 

Importance of Keeping Your Rolling Tray Clean

Trying to prepare your weed on an unclean surface can be difficult. If it is cluttered with weed and residue, you may find it hard to actually roll your products without getting the weed on another surface during the process. Additionally, if you dab on your rolling tray or if your tray is especially sticky, you may end up ripping the papers that you have while trying to roll them. Cleaning your rolling tray, like any other tool you own, makes smoking far easier and more enjoyable. The biggest problem that many encounter, however, is trying to figure out how they can clean their tray without ruining it. 

How to Clean a Polymer Rolling Tray? 

Plastic rolling trays are arguably the most affordable and are perfect for the average person looking to protect surfaces from the mess. But how do you clean them? 


  1. Put It in the Dishwasher for a Short Amount of Time: If you have a thick weed tray that is dishwasher safe, putting it in your dishwasher for a short amount of time can be one way to help you get some of that built-up residue off. While this may not work for messes that have been stuck on the surface for an extended period of time, it is certainly one solution for those who regularly clean their products. 
  2. Use a Knife to Scrape Off Resin: For more stubborn substances that do not come off after a good soak, using a sharp knife to scrape off the resin is a good solution. Just make sure that you are careful not to accidentally scrape off some of your rolling tray in the process!
  3. Use Isopropyl Alcohol and Salt: Like most plastic products, giving your tray a quick soak in isopropyl alcohol and salt can help to remove any built-up substances. Another trick that you can use is soaking it in soap and hot water for a short time as well. After, you may only have to do some light scrubbing before you are able to let it dry. 

How to Clean a Wooden Rolling Tray? 

Wooden rolling trays are often of a higher quality than other options. That said, their unique design can also make them harder to clean. Here are some tips to help you along the way. 

  1. Avoid Water: While soaking other rolling trays in water is a good idea, doing this to your wooden rolling tray can be bad as it dampens the wood and causes structural issues. Wooden trays are meant to be wiped down, not soaked. 
  2. Avoid Heavy Liquids: Heavy liquids like strong cleaners can be absorbed into the wood, which is unpleasant if that odor ends up staying in the wood and going into your paper products. Make sure to use a cleaner like diluted vinegar to scrub the residue off. Then, wipe down your wood with a damp cloth and dry it off with a dry cloth. 
  3. Keep It Properly Packed When Not in Use: Because wooden rolling trays are easier to damage and get dirty, it is best to pack it away when you are not using it. Whether you have a case for it or plan on wrapping it up and putting it away, doing so can keep it protected while it is not in use. 
  4. Use a Brush With Different Bristle Sizes: Trying to scrub off reside can be frustrating if you only have one type of brush at your disposal. To make sure that you get a more comprehensive clean, use several brushes with different bristle sizes to make sure that you get all of the built-up reside off of your wooden rolling tray. 

How to Clean a Metal Tin Rolling Tray? 

Metal tins are sturdier than plastic rolling trays but will require more care as you do want to damage the surface of this product. Let’s take a look at some tips for properly cleaning a metal tin rolling tray. 

  1. Don't Use a Knife for Resin (It scratches the design off!): Unless you have a cheap rolling tray that you are not attached to, over scrubbing your product or using a knife to clear off resin can scratch the surface of your rolling tray. If you have a personalized tray, this means the gradual loss of your design. Instead, try wiping it down first with a damp cloth or a vinegar solution. If that doesn’t work, you can use one of the other tips provided below to get the job done. 
  2. Use Heat: If you can’t scrape resin off, what can you do? One great way to work around this is to apply heat to the resin to loosen it up and melt it off. Immediately wash it off and wipe it down so that the surface doesn’t remain sticky afterward!
  3. Use Isopropyl alcohol: Using an isopropyl alcohol spray solution is another way to get the residue off, especially if you are having trouble with other substances. Just make sure that you are careful when you get the residue off. 


Cannabis accessories only lasts as long as they should if you take good care of them. Do you have a rolling tray that you need to clean but don’t know how to? To get started, find the material of your tray above and use the cleaning tips to get started!

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