How to Clean a Dab Mat?

How to Clean a Dab Mat?

Dab mats or dab pads are designed to protect dabbing surfaces from sticky residues. They also provide room to accommodate your dabbing tools to ensure that the table or floor is free of stains. However, while these mats help to keep your dabbing environment clean, it is important to know how to clean your dab mat probably.

When thinking about cleaning your pad, it's vital to consider the material it is made from. This is the same when it comes to cleaning rolling trays. For instance, you cannot clean a wood dab mat the same way you would clean a silicone mat.  

Why Would You Want to Keep Your Dab Mat Clean?

There are more than one reasons why you would want to keep your dab mat clean at all time. First of all, the purpose of a dab mat is to protect your surface from sticky stains and residues while dabbing. This means that any drippings will fall on the mat instead of your dabbing area. When you continue to use your dab mats without cleaning it, residue begins to buildup, and before you know it, the mat will start smelling really bad. This can spoil your mood and dabbing experience. 

Aside from the stinky smell, an uncleaned dab mat would look very dirty, and at some point, you would feel uncomfortable using it. Also, not cleaning your pad regularly will make it hard for you to clean as residue continues to build up. 

Differences Between a Silicone Dab Mat And a Fabric Top Dab Mat

All dab mats are not made the same. Some are made with durable materials, while others cannot serve you long term. Two common materials used for making dab pads are silicone and fabric. 

A silicone dab mat is made from silicone. Silicone mats are arguably the best type of dab mats out there because they are affordable, flexible, and durable. Additionally, they are non-stick, which makes them easy to clean. Silicone pads also have high resistance to heat and water.  

On the other hand, fabric top mats, as the name implies, are dab pads with screen-printed fabric tops. Dab mats with fabric top can handle a fair share of heat, but they are not water-resistant. They are some of the cutes mats out there with lots of designs to choose from. They can also be customized to suit your taste.  

How to Clean a Dab Mat

Cleaning your mat immediately after use will help prevent residue buildup. The cleaning method you choose to use will depend on the material your pad is made of. Here are a few ways to clean your dab mat. 

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is a clear, colorless liquid. It is a common household item for dabbers and non-dabbers alike. Iso serves different purposes at home but mostly used as a cleaning agent or disinfectant. If you don't already have one, you can purchase it from any shopping mall in your city. You can also get them from online stores for convenience.

All you need do is to wet a paper towel with iso and wipe off the surface of the dab mat until all the residues are gone. 

Soap And Water

If you don't have iso or can't get one, you can also use soap and warm water to clean your dab pad. Just wash the surface and rinse with water. You can also soak your mat in warm soapy water for some minutes, scrub off the residues, and rinse with clean water. You can add drops of lemon juice to the soapy water to keep your mat fresh. 

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