Top 9 Best Stoner Gifts for Potheads in 2021

Top 9 Best Stoner Gifts for Potheads in 2021

Finding the right gift for a friend or family member begins with understanding their interests. For example, if you have someone close to you who loves smoking, chances are that a great gift idea for them is something that will enhance their luxury smoking sessions.

But even breaking down their interests to this point can leave you wondering what you should get them. Do you have a pothead in your life? If so, let’s take a look at the top 9 best stoner gifts for potheads in 2021. 

What Are Stoner Gifts?

As the name suggests, stoner gifts are gifts that you give to people who smoke weed often. Sometimes, they are functional tools that they can use during their smoking session. Some people will gift concentrates or flower while others may give high-quality cannabis trays or tools. In this guide, we’re going to focus on tools with a functional purpose that are designed to improve the smoking process for the stoner in your life. 

Top 9 Best Stoner Gifts for Potheads in 2021

1. Custom Polymer Rolling Tray

If your friend is a fan of smoking joints or blunts, a rolling tray is something that they must have in their arsenal. Besides making it easier to roll a joint (no matter where they may be located at the time), rolling trays often help with organization and catching any of the loose cannabis that falls from the joint or the grinder, helping them save weed and money while they’re in the process of rolling. Rolling trays also serve to protect any fabrics or hard surfaces from potential scorch marks, which is another major bonus for those who may be smoking on their couch or in another room of the house. 

Of course, not just any rolling tray will do. If you really want to go above and beyond for the stoner in your life, consider purchasing a custom polymer rolling tray that features a specific phrase or graphic that they’ll love. Every time they roll up, they’ll be reminded of you! 

2. Benny the Bear by Lit Plush

Benny the Bear is your lovable cuddly joint toking plush teddy bear toy. Whether you want to gift him to someone or buy it for yourself. If you don't have anyone to celebrate with on 4/20, this guy will be right next to you all the time!


3. Custom Glass Ashtray

Nothing is cooler than having your own ashtray to empty your ashes in. A custom glass ashtray will spice your room up. Every time you go to ash it, you can see your design right in the middle! This can be perfect in your room, your backyard patio, bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels and much more.

The design is printed in full color with high quality UV ink. Each glass ashtray is sized at 4.25" Diameter x 1.375" Height.

4. LED Rolling Trays

Some stoners simply want to roll up, smoke, and relax. However, there are often times where smoking with friends demands a little more excitement. Although a custom rolling tray can get the job done, it does little to bring more fun to your smoking session. This is where funky cool LED rolling trays come in!

Led rolling trays are just like your average rolling tray, with the exception being that LED rolling trays come installed with LED lights that light up to illuminate the smoke and the space around your materials. This not only makes your smoking sesh more fun but helps you to see if you’re packing joints or blunts in the dark. If you want to make every smoking sesh they have out of this world, consider getting them an LED rolling tray and even customizing it to add a little something extra to their gift!

5. Baked Fresh Stash Box

Some people have a reputation of being a stoner with some, while others may not know that they smoke at all. For a stoner that doesn’t let everyone know they smoke, the concern for them may be that they don’t want their family to know or they have young children who may easily run into their things and accidentally touch them. For these types of stoners, staying safe and protected is essential. One great gift recommendation is to buy them a stash box!

Stash boxes are typically smell-proof, secure containers where you can hide your weed along with any of the tools that you’ll need during your typical session. Once everything is locked away, you can then hide it in another secure location without fear of someone smelling your weed or accidentally coming across it while they’re looking for someone else. With the sheer number of amazing products out there, you’re sure to find a stash box that your stoner friend or family member will love. 

6. Custom Dab Mat 

The average stoner may only focus on filling their love for bud. However, other stoners may dabble in different types of cannabis-based substances, like concentrates. If they not only smoke but dab as well, finding tools that will make their dabbing experience more enjoyable is another area of focus that you can use to find the perfect gift. For example, getting them their own custom dab mat can be an excellent idea. 

Dab mats are designed to provide cushioning so that heavy dab rigs don’t damage the surface below them or so that the surface doesn’t chip or break the dab rig. Beyond this, dab mats also protect surfaces below from hot concentrates that may escape the rig and land on the space below, causing burns or other issues for the owner. If a dab mat is something they have yet to purchase for themselves, customize a dab mat to feature their favorite or movie or even add your own meaningful phrase to it!

7. Sticky Icky LED Rolling Tray

The great thing about rolling trays is that they allow you to contain everything while you’re rolling. However, after you’re done rolling, there can be quite a mess leftover, making cleanup difficult and still requiring you to find somewhere to store all of these items once you’re done rolling and smoking. 

The good news? Some companies are already one step ahead of the game and have come up with their own products to tackle these issues. Take, for example, the Sticky Icky Glow LED Tray. This tray offers all of the fun and protection you would expect from an LED rolling tray with the addition of a smell-proof lid so that you can keep your rolling goods protected and stored away once you’re done smoking with friends. For the stoner who loves to have fun but wants to be responsible about their weed storage as well, the Sticky Icky LED rolling tray is an excellent product to gift them!

8. Smell Proof Lock Case

As we’ve already discussed above, having your own stash box can be important for those who don’t want anyone else knowing that they smoke. However, not everyone may have the same situation, which will require them to have additional protection. Say, for example, you have a stoner friend with two children. Gifting them a stash box that they can put in their closet may be enough to keep prying eyes at bay. Those who are more nosy, however, may try to get into a stash box once they find it. 

For stoners with more curious friends and family, a smell-proof lock case goes one step further to ensure that, even if their weed and tools are found, no one is going to be able to get into their stash box without the proper access. If you have a stoner friend who wishes to be extra careful about their goods, getting them a smell-proof lock case is one of the best gifts you can give them!

9. Lookah Seahorse Pro

Ask any dabbing enthusiast what they wish they could get from dabbing and chances are they’ll respond by saying they want a more portable experience. While dab rigs are a staple in any stoner collection, they’re quite bulky and difficult to take with you no matter where you go, making it near impossible to take a dab at a friend’s house or somewhere else where there is no easy access to dab rigs. Additionally, dab pens may simply not be something that all enthusiasts are looking for. Is there a solution for these needs? Absolutely! It’s known as a nectar collector. 

Products like the Lookah Seahorse Pro electric nectar collector help dab enthusiasts take hits on the go by allowing them to dip their device straight into their concentrates and sucking the vapors through in a straw-like fashion. All stoners have to do is turn their Lookah Seahorse Pro on, prepare their concentrates, and dab wherever they may be! With an attractive, streamline design, this electric nectar collector is sure to be an appreciated gift that will provide them with high-quality dabs for years to come. What could be better than that? 

Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Vaporizer Only $24.95 - Wholesale To The Public

Find this gift here:

9. Lockable Smell Proof Hard Case With Glass Foam Protection

As our final recommendation, we are going to return to the concept of the stash box and add one more feature onto there that will be greatly appreciated by stoners everywhere. So far, we’ve highlighted the need to have a smell-proof stash box to keep your weed hidden as well as a lockable case that makes sure that no one can get in should they happen to come across it. However, one feature that we haven’t covered yet is internal protection. If you’re carrying any type of electronic device or glass tool, one wrong move of the stash box can result in destruction, especially if you’re up against an individual who likes to shake the box around to figure out what’s inside. 

Fortunately, there are lockable, smell-proof stash boxes that come with additional foam protection inside to keep your items in place and protected from ramming against the inside of the box or against other items in the box whenever the box is moved or shifted. With this extra protection, your stoner friend can rest assured that their materials are protected regardless of whether they’re on the road or at their house. 


Stoners are arguably one of the easiest and most difficult types of people to shop for. On one hand, you’re already well-acquainted with their favorite pastime and have a clear idea of what types of gifts they would like to receive. On the other hand, you have no idea exactly what they need, what they already have, and what type of gifts they would appreciate the most. 

The good news is that getting started finding the right gifts and understanding what the average stoner may need to have on hand is relatively easy. All of the 9 ideas above are great gifts that most stoners need or would love to have so that they can enjoy their bud or concentrates with greater ease. If you’re on the hunt for some awesome gifts for the stoner friend or family member in your life, use the guide above to find the perfect gift or to gain some inspiration to help you find a related gift that would be just as great to give!

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