How to Choose the Right Rolling Tray?

How to Choose the Right Rolling Tray?

If you prefer rolling your own joint, then you must understand the importance of having the perfect rolling tray. You need a surface that catches your herbs as they fall, so you don't waste your precious weed.

With so many rolling tray sets on the market, this article seeks to give you insight on what to look out for when buying the best rolling trays in 2021.

What are the Features to look for in a Rolling Tray

Although the original purpose of a rolling paper is to provide a comfortable and flat surface to roll, modern rolling papers come with other accessories to provide premium rolling experiences. Some trays come with supplementary features like pockets for storing cannabis.

Here are some essential features you should consider before buying a rolling tray


Rolling trays come in various sizes. Most stoners prefer small to medium rolling trays because they are easy to carry around. They easily fit into your backpack so that you can take them on trips. The problem with going for very small trays is that they do not give you enough space to produce perfection, especially if you prefer to roll multiple joints at once. small trays also do not come with accessories or special features you will find in larger trays.

So when buying a tray, you should consider how much space you like to have when rolling. A sizable rolling tray is preferable if you enjoy having space to roll several joints at a time.

But if you love rolling on the go, smaller trays are perfect for you.

Lifted Edges

Rolling trays are fundamentally meant to catch and hold your weed as you crush your buds or while rolling. But it also has to be flat, which means the only way it can do both is by having curved edges.

If you're buying a rolling tray, ensure it has a curved edge high enough to keep your weed in place when rolled towards the edges. This stops your herbs from falling off while giving you enough freedom to roll freely.


Rolling trays can be made from a variety of different materials that affect their utility and durability. Metal trays are the most favorable because they are durable, reasonably priced, and functional. The downside, however, is that metal trays can easily rust and are difficult to clean. Also, they weigh more which makes them less convenient to carry around.

Wooden rolling trays are an excellent choice as they can be designed in so many ways and come with compartments and other exciting features. 

Plastic trays are the best, most convenient, and cheapest trays. Although they are not as durable as wood or metal, you can always get a new one if it breaks or gets damaged. They are easy to move around with, so you can take them along on your daily trips.


You wouldn’t want a rolling tray that will cost you your savings. For an average size and good rolling tray, it should cost you anything between $3-$6. Other larger trays can cost as much or even more than $10. However, there are trays that are quite pricey. Some metal trays with additional features may cost up to $30. Wooden toys are the most expensive and can cost up to $100 depending on the make, design, and features.

Placeholder Slots

After rolling that perfect joint, you need a safe place to keep it as you get things in order like grinder, glass ashtray, cones and more. A place holder slot carefully holds your joint in place as you tie the next one or wrap things up before taking a puff.


It's always nice to have a rolling tray with storage space for your weed. This makes things easier when settling to roll up or pack up after rolling a joint.

Top Lid

Extra protection always comes in handy. Having a top lid isn’t mandatory, but it is something that will be cool to have.

Smooth or will herbs get stuck in it?

When picking a rolling tray, always go for smooth surfaces. Your rolling tray is designed to help you roll better and easily. Smooth-rolling trays mean smooth joints. Having your herb stick to your tray gives it an unorganized look, and more weed crumbs will continue sticking onto your tray, which isn't cool.

How to Choose the Best Rolling Tray?

At the end of the day, it all depends on what you're going to be using it for. Everyone looks for different features. Some people want their own image or design on it. Other people might want a tray with specific placeholders for their accessories.

Whatever you're looking for, it can be found on our site!

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