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Rolling your own joint or blunt can be fun, but it takes practice and the right tools to master the art of rolling the perfect joint. However, many stoners see rolling as an impossible task; hence, they are forced to use pre-rolled cones. 

If you, like many other smokers, are struggling to roll a fine joint even after many attempts, then you're missing one crucial tool. And that is a "rolling tray." 

In recent times, rolling trays have become very important because of their unique ability to simplify the entire rolling processing, thus making it easier for anyone to roll their own weed without trouble. But that's not all. Some rolling trays come with sections that allow you to safely store your herbs, tobacco, rolling papers, and other rolling accessories. 

Just like many other smoking tools and supplies, cool rolling trays are in different forms and sizes. Some are made from plastics, wood, silicone, and even metal. However, we'll explore wooden trays in this article and tell you everything you need to know about this life-saving tool. 

What is a Wooden Rolling Tray?

First of all, a rolling tray is a special kind of tray with a flat surface that helps smokers to roll marijuana or tobacco into the perfect joint or blunt. Rolling trays are not like the regular tray in your kitchen. Many rolling trays come with additional features that make rolling easy. 

With that in mind, wooden rolling trays are trays carved out of wood like bamboo, cedar, oak, etc. Most wooden trays come with multiple compartments crafted on the inside that can accommodate other smoking accessories. This not only allows you to roll your weed perfectly but also makes things organized for easy access.  

Features of a Wooden Rolling Tray

If you're shopping for a wooden rolling tray, here are the three most important must-have features to look at for. 


The best wooden rolling tray comes with different useful compartments. Such rolling trays allow users to roll their weeds, store them alongside other essential tools, like rolling papers and grinders, all in one place. The number of sections depends on the overall size of the tray; a small tray usually comes with lesser compartments. 

However, the tray's storage units must not compromise the primary function of giving you the right environment for rolling. So regardless of how many compartments in the tray, you must ensure that your wooden tray has a flat and comfortable surface that will let you roll. The working area should also be able to catch any herbs that fall out to when you're


A wooden rolling tray should be firm and strong. This allows you to work without worrying that the tray would fall off the table when in use. Handcrafted wooden trays are usually the best as they offer a smooth and natural feel. 


Wooden trays are made from durable wood like bamboo and oak, which makes them long-lasting products. So ensure you buy a rolling tray with the best design because you will probably be using it for a really long time. 

Stash Box

Although the wooden trays feature isn't a stash box and it's vice versa, this one works too. Some stash boxes that are made from wood often come with a rolling tray either in it or as the top lid. You can either use it as the top or flip it around and use the bottom portion of the lid. 

Benefits of a Wooden Rolling Tray

A wooden rolling tray offers several benefits, some of which include:

  1. Wooden rolling trays make rolling your own marijuana easier. You don't need to be a professional roller to use a rolling tray since it is designed to simplify the rolling process. Both beginner and expert rollers can benefit from the ease of use. 
  2. You risk dropping your herbs when you roll without a tray, especially if you yet to master the art of rolling. As a stoner, you should know that weed is not cheap, so you shouldn't waste any. A rolling tray catches every single herb that drops while you roll, which prevents you from making a mess. 
  3. Wooden trays have different sections and compartments that you can use to stash your herbs and rolling accessories, all in one place. 

Custom Wooden Bamboo Rolling Tray

You can also get a personalized wooden rolling tray if you're one of those who love customized products. Compared to trays made from other materials, customized wooden trays are easier to make since they are crafted by hand. 

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