What Makes a Good Stash Box? Stand Out from the Rest!

What Makes a Good Stash Box? Stand Out from the Rest!

A stash box gives you the privacy that you need to ensure wandering eyes or curious hands don’t make their way into your weed stash or your tools. However, not all hidden boxes are built the same.

While some stash boxes are designed simply to cover your tools, others are made to give you greater protection and preservation in regard to your herbs. If you’re looking for the perfect weed stash box, let’s take a closer look at what features you should be paying attention to when shopping for your own. 

What Makes a Good Stash Box?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what you’re looking for out of a stash box. For example, some people may be satisfied with the most basic products you can find on the market.

Others, may be looking for something that they can travel with, something that will keep their herbs fresh, or something that will be able to hold rigs or bongs. Put simply, you should look for a product that best meets your needs to get the best experience possible. 

Features of the Perfect High-Quality Stash Box 

When you’re looking for the perfect high-quality box, what features should you be looking for? Let’s dive into some of the most essential features of the perfect top notch quality. 

Ample Room for Storage 

It’s important that you should be able to stash more than just your marijuana. Some other items that you may want to fit in your stash box include items like your lighter or torch, pipes, rolling papers, and other necessary smoking sesh tools.

If you need to store a whole rig or water pipe, you’ll need a much larger product. If it offers ample room for storage that meets your expectations, you’ll be good to go. The main items you want to put in there is a mini rolling tray (if it's not already included), grinder, herb jar, papers, wraps, lighter, dab tools and poker.

Smell Proof 

The most important feature is that it’s smell proof. Otherwise, those who may be snooping around will be able to easily detect your cannabis without having to go looking for it.

No matter what type of stash box you buy, make sure that no smells leak through it before you make it your go-to box for cannabis storage. 

Humidity Control 

The problem with certain boxes is that they can end up retaining heat and moisture. If you’re holding your weed, this can lead to the development of mold and the destruction of your weed.

Good quality stash boxes will offer some type of humidity control tool so that you don’t have to worry about this happening to your weed. You may also wish to look for another device that you can use to measure humidity.

When it comes to the quality of your herbs, you can never invest too much in tools that improve long-term storage. 

Proper Placeholders 

Some of them only offer one main section where you can store everything. This may be fine for someone who is hiding their stuff in a drawer. It can quickly become an issue if the box moves around and glass or other materials begin colliding with each other like grinders, jars, trays and more.

You should look for a something that offers separate sections to help you organize and store your tools more effectively. Some boxes may even have sections that close off so that you don’t have to worry about various tools coming out and moving around. There are plenty of options out there!

Materials to Consider 

We’ve covered a few of the main features that really take a stash box to the next level. Let's find out what types of materials are going to define your experience. Some of the materials to consider are: 


If you’re going to be keeping your stash box in one place and you typically only smoke at a home, a wood stash box will probably be the right fit. They are typically of a higher quality than other stash boxes and can give you a more unique experience for those who value a good build and want something that stands out. If you love good craftsmanship and aren’t taking your box anywhere with you, go for a wood box. 

Hard-Side Plastic 

Hard side plastic is great for those who need a stash box that can take a tumble and still manage to keep the contents inside (and its own body) protected. There are generally two types of these: those that have various compartments and those that have foam interiors to keep tools shielded from harm. 

If you just anticipate bringing your bud and minor tools around with you, go for the former. If you plan on bringing your rig and other items along for the ride, the best choice is the latter.

These types of plastic boxes may also have additional lock features so that you can further protect your herbs and tools if someone should get their hands on them. 


Metal stash boxes offer much more drop protection and are harder to get into if someone should try to pry your box open (as both wood and plastic may be more likely to crack in this scenario).

As with the above, these types of boxes are designed for a host of purposes and may include locks to prevent anyone from getting into your stash. Just make sure you don’t place these directly in the sunlight as they may retain more heat than the other two materials. 


Stash boxes are a must-have for those who have family that doesn’t know they smoke or even children who may be a tad too curious. However, having the right one is far more important than just buying any product you come across first. If you’re looking to get the perfect stash box for home, travel, or both, you can learn more about the crucial features and various materials to look for when you begin shopping!

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