Custom Resin Ashtrays: Are They Safe?

Custom Resin Ashtrays: Are They Safe?

As a smoker, there is a pretty high predilection towards owning good ashtrays. Much like most other attributes and commodities, ashtrays too come in all shapes and sizes. Additionally, materials—the options are manifold. When it comes to resin, though, the pertinent question exists—are they safe? Read on. 

What are Resin Ashtrays? 

As the name suggests, it is a tray that is essentially molded out of resin to help you dump your ashes on it. Resin happens to be a plant polymer that tends to be greatly viscous. Making custom resin ashtrays has become a thing of the present now—using glitters, colors, shades, what have you—has become the modern-day representation of creativity. 

backwoods resin ashtray

Is it Dangerous to Use a Custom Resin Ashtray?

Since you happen to be a smoker, you ought to know where and what kind of materials are being used to make your ashtrays. Considering the fact that custom resin ashtrays are more popular than ever before, it is pretty normal to ask yourself—does it pose any health hazards? Is it safe? 

The point of concern arises from the fact that resin might be subject to smoke and heat—thereby releasing toxins. This in turn might harm the lungs while smoking. 

Ideally, the best kinds of resin will obviously not release any toxins and be going through extremes of temperature with no hassle. So, for the most part, the onus would be on you to choose the right materials for construction. 

Ideally, epoxy materials are pretty sturdy. Not only do they tolerate extremes of temperature, but they are capable of tolerating a great deal of physical pressure too. You should look for epoxy structures as your construction material.

Burnt Marks 

The pertinent question after the safety of the said materials is—what about burnt marks? Are resin ashtrays subject to merks from the cigarettes? 

When it comes to epoxy resin, you practically have nothing to worry about. The said materials are subject to the greatest of temperature extremities. In simpler terms, they are pretty scratch-resistant. Ergo, cigarette burn marks are anything but a concern for you. 

There is a small caveat with regards to temperature, though. Just because it can bear extremes of it, doesn’t mean you go about keeping it out in the sun. Oftentimes, they can be subject to breakage or cracks once kept out in the open for too long. 

While burn marks might not be caused by it, they can certainly cause cracks and fractures. 

The other thing to keep in mind is a reaction with elements such as water and soap. While they can be relatively ‘inert’, do not presume that soapy water might not react with your ashtrays. Ensure to do your fair share of research regarding the reactivity of your ashtray material. 

custom resin ashtray

Will it Melt?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that, owing to the microstructures of epoxy resin, you can expect it to bear extremes of temperatures. Sometimes, even abnormally high temperatures too.

Keep in mind though—you would not want to test it just for the sake of it. While melting seems like a long shot, you would not want to keep it out in the open for too long. Extremes of sunlight can be notorious to cause cracks and fracture points in your ashtray. Be extremely wary of this, and don’t worry about melting. 

While the melting temperatures range into the higher one-hundreds in terms of Fahrenheit, alternates of temperature might be more detrimental than you can fathom. Ensure to keep in a constant range of temperatures, and definitely away from sunlight. 

Hassle of Cleaning Resin Ashtrays

Resin ashtrays are rather simple to clean. Once you find an appropriate cleaner, you can go about cleaning your ashtray with practically no hassle. More importantly, modern-day cleaners are generally pretty inclusive, so it won’t be an issue for you at all. 

Putting Out Your Cigarette

Use fair discretion while doing so. Your cigarette ashes might not cause any chemical errors to your ashtray, only if you are choosing appropriate materials to use as your resin. Epoxy resins are pretty stable that way, so you are better off with that. 

Difference Between Resin and Epoxy 

Resin and epoxy might be related to each other deeper than you can fathom, but their properties can vary in more ways than one can imagine. 

  • Right off the bat, epoxy is a lot stronger than resin. Don’t take it otherwise—resin is pretty strong, but epoxy is in its own league. 
  • It takes a lot longer for the resin to dry. Since you will be making your ashtray out of a mold, it makes more sense to seek epoxy materials—time is precious. 
  • Sure, epoxy might be a little more expensive. It is every bit worth the penny, though.
  • Since it possesses greater tolerance towards temperatures and abrasions, epoxy ashtrays can be molded and customized into greater variations. 

To Conclude

Now that you know everything about custom resin ashtrays, you can go forth about your smoking ventures with ease. Just ensure that you make the right choices, and get the right materials—and you should be good to go. 

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