Custom Resin Rolling Trays: NOT RECOMMENDED

Custom Resin Rolling Trays: NOT RECOMMENDED

If you pay close attention to social media, you likely have seen the rise in resin-based products. In fact, you may have even come across some awesome custom resin rolling trays that you’d like to put out on display and add to your collection. But when it comes to these products, are they safe or worth using? If you’re interested in resin trays but don’t want to buy one until you learn more, let’s dive deeper into resin trays and why you may want to stay away from them.


What Are Resin Rolling Trays? 

Resin rolling trays are made from epoxy resin, which hardens in molds to form certain shapes. Today’s custom options may include images contained within the resin, items like glitter or other small trinks, and similar decorations. Because of this new look and style, some cannabis enthusiasts may consider getting their own custom resin rolling tray. However, we’ll dive into why you may not want to in the sections below. 

Why Are Epoxy Rolling Trays Not Good? 

So, why do some caution you not to buy epoxy rolling trays despite their rising popularity? Some of the top reasons why you should avoid resin rolling trays include: 

Hard to Clean 

If you plan on using any surface for rolling, you want to make sure that it’s easy to clean so that you’re not dealing with a day’s work every time you decide you want to roll a joint or a blunt. Unfortunately, resin rolling trays are not one of those products. Resin can be hard to clean due to the fact that the solutions you would use to clean weed products, namely isopropyl alcohol, can damage your resin. 

If you have any built-on residue, you may also run the risk of scraping resin off as you’re trying to get rid of the residue. Put simply, resin rolling trays are not fun to clean, and there are many different options out there that you can choose from instead. 

Weed Will Get Stuck on the Tray 

If you use your rolling tray as most people do, you’re likely grinding, smoking, and otherwise preparing your herbs over the surface. Weed can stick to resin trays, which can be a waste of weed as you try to get it off of the surface. Beyond that, you may also accidentally burn the surface of your product, which can result in weed and ash that gets stuck in the material and the potential to inhale toxic fumes once the resin begins burning. 

So, why not just use a resin ashtray instead? All resin can be potentially toxic when lit on fire. Either way, it’s best to go with a material that won’t stick to your weed when you set it down or accidentally drop it and a material that won’t burn if you decide to ash your joint or put it out. 

Are Resin Ashtrays and Rolling Trays Safe? 

As we mentioned above, toxicity is the number one cause for concern. Most resin is considered to be safe, but this is due to the fact that few people are using it to prepare weed on or hold their burning joints over. Of course, this brings up another issue, which is the fact that resin could potentially be a fire hazard. If you accidentally light it up, you may not only end up with toxic fumes but a fire that you have to deal with as well. 

Although they may be safe otherwise, there are still some of the points mentioned above that make them arguably the least effective material to make a rolling tray from. Although resin rolling trays and ashtrays may certainly look cool, there are many better products on the market. Whether you’re looking for metal or wood rolling trays (with or without additional accessories that you can use while you’re in the process of rolling joints or blunts), consider the above points and seek out another rolling tray that offers the personalization you want and the ease of use that you need.

When it comes to cannabis accessories, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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