Best Rolling Trays for Girls

Best Rolling Trays for Girls

Whether you want to buy a stoner gift for a girl or simply buy a tray for yourself as a woman, this article will show you the best rolling trays. Women are generally easier to shop for than men because they communicate better. There are so many different accessories to choose from for women.

What are Rolling Tray for Girls

Rolling trays can be for any sex whether it's a male or female but there are certain designs that will fit a woman's lifestyle more. The products below are all aimed at a female audience.

1. Custom Unbreakable Rolling Tray

Custom rolling trays are perfect for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their rolling tray. Whether you want to get a picture of your pet, significant other, an animated picture or anything, My Rolling Tray can help you.

At My Rolling Tray, you can make your own custom printed rolling tray with any image. This makes the perfect gift for your significant other or to buy a bulk amount to re-sell. If you're a bar or serve alcohol, this will be a great custom drink tray too.

2. Custom LED Mini Glow Rolling Tray

If you want to create your own custom logo on a mini LED glow rolling tray, this is the product for that. It's perfect to light your design up in a dark room or at night and watch it glow as you roll up. These are smaller LED trays, measuring at 9.5" x 5.5". The corners are curved and rounded where as others are more straight and sharp.

3. Stitch Rolling Tray

If you want a rolling tray that's very nostalgic, this features Stitch smoking a blunt from Lilo and Stitch. It's a polymer tray that is made to be unbreakable. It consists of a floral background with a smiling Stitch.

4. Backwoods Rolling Tray

This Backwoods LED Rolling Tray is one of the most popular glow up trays by the Backwoods blunts brands. You get the option to change through different colors along with a party mode. Using this tray is super easy and it will definitely make you the life of the party. When the lights are off or low, this tray will be lighting up the entire room!

5. Belle

This features Belle from Beauty and the Beast love smoking and it's perfect when you want to roll up on this rolling tray.

6. Girl Pink Power

Pink Power rolling tray is not only for girls, but it is mostly used by them! It features stars, rainbows, leaves and more all in one tray together.

7. Jack and Sally

If you like The Nightmare Before Christmas, this Jack and Sally rolling tray is perfect. It features both Jack and Sally smoking, while lit by the moon.

8. Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine rolling up weed  on a tray is one of our best sellers! It features Princess Jasmine from Aladdin rolling up on a rolling tray while there is a purple background behind her with stars shimmering. If you're getting a gift for a woman, this is one of our best sellers.

9. Sailor Moon

Anime lovers love Sailor Moon. Now you can get a Sailor Moon with red eyes on a rolling tray. This is one of her iconic images with the moon right behind her. 

10. Ariel

This metal rolling tray features Ariel from The Little Mermaid. They are made from metal and are 7" x 5.5".

11.  Pocahontas

This red Pocahontas rolling tray is perfect to grind up and pack your pipe in. This red rolling tray features Pocahontas smoking with a pipe.

12. Snow White

If you love smoking from a water pipe, this Snow White rolling tray is the perfect rolling tray. This rolling tray features Snow White smoking from a bong.

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