Best Rolling Trays for Guys

Best Rolling Trays for Guys

Rolling Trays for Guys

Today we have a simple goal: convince you why a custom rolling tray is a seriously awesome gift for the stoner dad, hippie, or other cannabis-loving dude in your life.

Here are the best rolling tray ideas for guys:

  • A picture of his significant other
  • A photo of his dog
  • An Instagram-worthy couples photo
  • His favorite car
  • His favorite team
  • His favorite show
  • His favorite band or album cover
  • An LED tray that lights up
  • A bluetooth speaker LED tray

At, we can customize a rolling tray with any idea you want. Head on over to the custom rolling trays page to get it done.

Need some inspiration first? We got you covered.

Rolling Tray for Guys: Best Custom Design Ideas

What would you put on a custom rolling tray? There are so many great ideas! Here are some of our favorites:

A photo of you

picture of girlfriend rolling tray

Or you both together. Have a great shot—or one you know that he won’t be able to stop looking at? That’s probably a winner. In fact, it's totally up to you if it's safe for work, safe for company, whatever.

A picture of his dog

dog rolling tray idea

Is man’s best friend seriously your man’s best friend? This is an easy one. Customize the rolling tray with a close up of Fido and it's a perfect gift.

The team

favorite sports team tray idea

If he has a team he loves, this is a great choice for customizing any kind of rolling tray—assuming you don’t run into copyright or trademark issues. And for the most part, there are a lot of fans of both cannabis and sports sort of inching around those out there.

That ride

Does he love his car—or have one he’s wishing was his? This is a perfect way to create a custom look for a rolling tray. Blaze one up with a hot ride in view.

Favorite shows

Yes, while again you may run into some intellectual property challenges, many people want their favorite characters on a rolling tray in some form. Popular options include Spongebob in any number of forms, Scooby at his doobie-est, the Dragon Ball Z looking much more mellow than usual, and of course Rick and Morty gear all day long.


Rasta-themed wares and anything reggae or rap is popular in the world of cannabis, but why not customize to meet your man’s musical taste?

Some Risqué Poses

some sexy photos rolling tray

Why He Needs a Cool Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is an essential piece of the cannabis puzzle, for everyone from beginners through to honest connoisseurs of the flower. If he’s new to rolling joints, the weed rolling tray is a genius save. And if he’s rolled perfect spliffs a thousand times, he’s still conserving his weed in one place and keeping neat and tidy.

Plus, nicer equipment is a point of pride with a daily smoker. And a custom piece is the ultimate limited edition of something he already wants.

So quit letting him DIY it with his mother’s Super Bowl serving tray and get with the custom rolling tray program.

Another benefit to a rolling tray set: he knows where his smoking accessories are. Ask a stoner and they’ll tell you. We may not remember every detail, but we remember the time we were trying to roll a doobie and couldn’t find the filters, the Zig-zag rolling papers (back when you were still using those—remember?!), the grinder, the stash jar, whatever. If he’s using a rolling tray or stash box with a tray on top, it’s all there.

My least favorite stoner memory: standing there wanting a joint but holding an ashtray, because that was literally the only cannabis-related thing I could find. Help him out.

Anyway, the way to learn to really roll up perfect joints every time is to practice, practice, practice—with good equipment. That includes a rolling tray to catch those precious crumbs and the kief you’re not trying to waste.

Unleash your man’s inner joint rolling machine with a custom rolling tray. And don’t be surprised when it gets left out (shown off) on the coffee table.

How to Customize a Rolling Tray for Your Man

Times are changing, and these days you can find homemade rolling trays almost anywhere, from Etsy to Amazon! In fact, on Etsy alone you can order many kinds of custom designs on any number of kinds of rolling trays:

  • Bamboo rolling trays
  • Epoxy resin glitter rolling trays
  • Small metal rolling trays in stainless steel, matte black, glossy white, brushed gold, you name it

On a site like Etsy, you just order your custom design and they do the rest. If you’re really into DIY and don’t mind taking chances, there are tutorials online on how to buy sturdy, high quality rolling trays and put images on yourself. Often it takes old-school techniques like decoupage or new-school methods like computer imaging to make this happen.

We recommend working with wood or the materials they suggest. It’s not always easy to make images last on durables like metal and plastic.

Best selling features we like:

  • Locking or magnetic lids
  • Silicone feet or lining on the bottom
  • Holes for joints, vapes, etc.
  • A spot for a bong or stash jar

And one last thing to consider: talk to him about the features he likes! Just because his old rolling tray was a certain way doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like something different.

Final Thoughts on Rolling Trays for Guys

Well—are you convinced? A custom rolling tray is a freakin great gift for any dude who loves cannabis. It’s both fun and useful, romantic yet still firmly in the man-zone. Whether you’re putting an amazing shot of your very best side or a color photo of a 1964 Pontiac GTO on there, he’s going to love it.

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