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Custom Dab Mat

Dab mats are a great way to protect your home from all of the heated concentrates that could potentially fall off of your dabber. If you want to change the way your dab station looks, you need to get a custom dab mat to match the mood. However, finding a regular dab mat may not be enough for everyone. As it is with many smoking and vaping tools, people like products that reflect their personality and offer a more tailored experience. If you don’t want just any old dab mat, you may want to consider looking for a custom dab mat instead. 

What Is a Custom Dab Mat? 

Custom dab mats or custom dab pads are tools that are made to protect your surfaces from potential damages that may occur during the dabbing process. When dabbing, it is possible that you can end up spilling hot concentrates onto the area below, which can cause damage to the surface. Additionally, when preparing to dab, your rig could harm the surface it is placed on or the surface could cause damage to your dab rig. A dab mat serves to protect the surface and your rig from setup to use. 

So, where does the custom part come in? A custom dab mat is something that features a design that you enjoy. Whether this is a personal picture, a specific brand, TV show or movie characters, or basic patterns that other tools of yours share, custom dab mats give you the personalized experience you are looking for when you search for tools designed to enhance you vaping sessions. 

Create Your Own Design 

Let’s imagine that you have something very specific you want but is not something that is generally offered in smoke shops or online stores. What can you do? One way to work around this is to find a vendor that will allow you to apply your own design to your product of choice. With your design in hand, you just have to go to their website, enter your request, and the vendor will make sure that your product comes out looking just how you want it! 

Wholesale Custom Dab Mats

If you’re a vendor rather than an interested buyer, getting your hands on dab mats that you can sell to those looking for custom dab mats is important. You can do this by finding wholesale custom dab mats to then print designs on for your customers. Purchasing custom wholesale dab mats offer vendors lower prices for bulk orders, which they can then custom design and resell to those who shop on their website or their physical establishment. If you make custom dab mats, make sure to get your hands on wholesale custom dab mats to save money. 

Dab mats are great at keeping dab rigs and concentrates on doing any damage to the surface that the rig is set on. However, not everyone will be satisfied with a plain dab pad for their needs. Whether you are someone in need of a special dab mat or someone who designs and sells dab mats, use the guide above to learn more about custom dab mats and how you can begin finding the right one for you.