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Humans are judgemental, even if many try to avoid it. They give you the judging eyes whenever they think you're doing something that does not conform with their values. This is one of the problems smokers are facing today, hence the need to stay discreet at all times possible. 

Sometimes, when you are traveling with smoking tools, the smell oozing from your bag will instantly give you away as a consumer, which could make others uncomfortable. 

Luckily, times are fast-changing, and there have been significant improvements in the packaging industry. Today, with the help of smell proof bags, you can travel anywhere at any time with your favorite herbs and smoking tools without compromising being discreet. 

What is the Smell Proof Bag?

As the name implies, a smell proof bag is a specially made bag that is designed for storing dry herbs to conceal the odor. In other words, using a smell proof case to trap the scent, and those around you will not detect any smell or even guess the content in your bag. However, the best smell proof bags will not only trap the odor but also prevent moisture loss and well as maintaining its herbal potency. 

These bags are not just for storing herbs; they can also come with compartments to accommodate essential tools like grinders, rolling papers, pipes. Not all bags are made equal. How much your bag can hold depends on the size. 

Is it Really Smell Proof?

Yes, and that's why it's called smell-proof bags. But keep in mind that many fake bags in the market also claim to be smell-proof. You should only buy high-quality smell proof containers for the best result. 

Benefits of Small Proof Bag

Smell proof bags offer the following benefits to smokers and cannabis users. 

Keep The Smell Away

This is the primary benefit of a smell proof weed bag. As a smoker, you will not only make others uncomfortable but will also become the center of attention if the smell of your herbs is oozing from your bag. The best way to avoid such embarrassing moments is by using smell-proof bags to keep the smell away. 

Combination Lock

Safety is very important when it comes to storing herbs and essential tools. You don't want your kids or some random person to easily access your stash bag. The manufacturers of these smell proof bags understand this; thus, they usually include a locking function to the bags. With a lock combination, you're assured of the safety of your herbs. 

Keep Herb Fresh

A good odor-proof bag can keep dry herb fresh for a considerable long time. It helps to control moisture loss and helps to sustain the durability of your herbs. 

Multiple Storage Compartments

The best smell proof bags offer additional compartments so that you can also store other essentials. Some bags are big enough to accommodate vape pens, papers, grinders, pipes and sometimes weed rolling trays

Features of a Smell Proof Bag

There are tons of smell proof bags out there on the market, both good and bad. So it's difficult to get a high-quality smell proof container if you don't know the features that make a good smell proof case.  


A high-quality smell proof bag is usually designed with soft and resilient materials. This ensures protection over the fragile accessories that you store in it. Imagine keeping a vape pen in an odor-proof bag while traveling, only for you to get to your destination to find out the vape pen has been damaged. You wouldn't want that, would you? This is why you should buy a bag that provides adequate cushioning. 


Portability is a watchword when looking for the best smell proof bag. You should be able to travel with your stash bag without compromising convenience. A good bag that traps smell can fit well into any traveling bag or briefcase. 


Since one of the benefits of a smell proof bag is its combination lock, the bag you choose to buy should have one. Avoid buying smell proof weed bags that do not come with a secure locking function that can safeguard your herbs and other accessories. 

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