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When you want to dump your herbs out on a flat surface, RAW rolling trays are perfect because of the surface area it provides. RAW is the grand daddy of all rolling trays. RAW trays are the perfect item needed when you want to roll your dry herbs or tobacco up in your favorite RAW papers!

What are RAW Rolling Trays

RAW rolling trays are just like other flat surfaced rolling products. They're generally square or rectangular very similar to a cafeteria tray. They can also come in a circle similar to an ashtray. They provide a good enough area to spread out your dry herbs or tobacco. 

RAW Tray Sizes

  • Mini (7" x 5")
  • Small (11" x 7")
  • Large (13.5" x 11")
  • XXL (20" x 15")


There are many benefits to using an herbal tray. First and foremost, it gives you a nice place to roll up your tobacco. You can place it on your lap and roll up with ease. 

It also gives you the ability to comfortably handle your herbs without worrying of spilling it over. Some RAW trays also give you compartment spaces to put your smoking supplies. Whether it's a water pipe, papers, lighters or other products.


RAW rolling trays come with a few features that is usually more than others. Some of them can be product holders with specific sized holes.

Raised Edges

Raised edges are very important for rolling trays. They make sure your herbs don't make a mess by spilling off the sides. This can make a difference between buying one and not buying it.


Not all trays are made from metal but metal RAW rolling trays are magnetic. This helps them stick to magnetic pieces. If yours does not come with a magnetic cover, you can simply buy one and place it on top. This helps keep everything in your rolling tray intact.

Types of Raw Trays

Rolling tray kits that are produced by RAW range from the typical metal dish to natural bamboo trays that feature several different compartments to house all of your rolling paper components.

Many of RAW trays feature their logo as well as their typical light-brown packaging, although there are some available that are a bit of more decorative for the user who needs a little extra “wow” in their weed mini rolling tray.

Glass Tray

One of the most unique and upscale fancy smoking products is the RAW glass tray. It has a curved middle which keeps all the herbs in the middle. This is another to re-invent the raised edges.

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