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The days of the "stoner" is done. Many people have switched from that stoner attitude to a classy vibe. This is why people are switching from filling up their cones on a table to a rolling tray made from glass.

What are Glass Rolling Trays?

Glass rolling trays are used for the purpose of holding and rolling up cigarettes or dry herbs in a joint. Accessories can also be placed on the trays as well. Unlike metal rolling trays, glass provides users with the ability to see through them.  They are also perfect for those who dread cleaning them after their use, as they are very easy to clean up after use. 

Another aspect of these rolling trays made from glass is the classy feel of them. Although they come in many different shapes and sizes, they have a nice feel to them. You can leave them on your coffee table as decor and it will fit right in.

Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass

Glass rolling trays are very fragile, so users must be careful when using them, so they do not break. Thankfully, My Rolling Tray has got you covered with our shatter-resistant tempered glass. This will give users peace of mind, knowing that they will not break as easily. This gives the person rolling up a lower likelihood of sustaining any injury.

Curved Edges

Having curved edges on a glass rolling tray is critical for users, as they do not want their accessories and herbs to roll off their trays. With curved edges, users will be able to safely and effortlessly roll and hold their supplies without the fear of anything being spilled. No one wants their ground up herbs to fall over the floor.

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