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Smell Proof Fanny Pack (With Extras)



  • Hip Fanny Pack or Side Satchel Sling Bag (Multi-Use)
  • Size: 9" x 7"
  • Traps Odor
  • Secret Stash Pocket
  • INCLUDES: Natural RAW Wood Dugout Box & 3 Reuseable Bags

Smell Proof Fanny Pack (With Extras)

Having easy access to your smoking materials on-the-go is non-negotiable for many smokers. That being said, safely traveling with these items can be difficult, especially if you are going somewhere where you need to make sure no one is able to smell your dry herbs or tools through the item you have decided to carry your goods in. The solution? Purchasing a smell-proof fanny pack can help you make sure no one can smell through your bag, no matter where you may be. 

Odor Proof 

Let’s face it: although fanny packs have received a lot of flak in the past, they are extremely useful and versatile items to have if you’re a smoker. Choosing to go with a smell proof fanny pack allows you to carry around your most important smoking goods conveniently without dealing with the constant comments that others would give to you if they could smell your cannabis through the material. 

Multi-Use Bag 

You also receive another benefit by choosing to use specific smell-proof fanny packs: multi-use functionality. This includes:

- Satchel Sling Bag 

Prefer to carry your bag on your shoulder? No problem! The smell proof fanny pack is capable of transforming into a satchel sling bag to make it easy to carry your bag wherever you go. 

- Hip Fanny Pack 

If you prefer to wear it the traditional way, you can always keep your items around your hip for quick access. 

RAW Wood Dugout 

If you’re looking to conveniently stash away your goods in your bag for further protection (just in case anyone decides to take a look inside), the smell proof fanny pack comes equipped with a RAW wood dugout for additional stashing space and added style. If you’re a fan of added accessories with your purchase, this will be incentive enough to leap for a smell proof fanny pack. 

Traveling with certain items is always risky, especially if they have a natural tendency to attract attention. Fortunately, there are products that can make this easier and safer. If you want to be able to go places with your smoking materials but want to avoid the potential trouble that could come with it, deciding to get a smell proof fanny pack can be a great way to take your goods on the go and stay safe while doing so.