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Premium Smell Proof Bag with Combo Lock



  • Safe with a Combo Lock
  • Locks in Scents and Smells
  • Concentrated Activated Carbon Technology
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Water-Resistant

Smell Proof Bag with Combo Lock 

Non-smokers are not very thrilled with the smell of cannabis, and they can easily become uncomfortable around stoners. For this reason, many cannabis users prefer to stay discreet when on the go.

One way of staying lowkey in public is to contain the smell of your marijuana. And the best method of doing this is using the premium smell proof bag with a combo lock.

This stash bag is designed like a regular handheld lunch bag to ensure no one ever guesses what you have in it. Interestingly, it comes with many interesting features, such as a security lock, carbon lining, water-resistance, and a compact size for easy mobility. 

Odor Proof

Every good smell proof bag should be able to contain the smell of its content within the storage. The premium smell proof bag is designed for this purpose. There's no chance of perceiving the small of your stash once it's locked inside the bag.  

This stash bag is also water-resistant. This makes it easy for you to clean and use it to store different materials. 

Carbon Lining

The premium smell proof bag with a combo lock comes with a carbon lining. The activated carbon inner lining technology helps to completely seal out the smell while preserving the quality of your herbs.  

Why do I need a smell proof case?

There are several reasons why every stoner should have a smell proof case. First, you don't want to inconvenience people around you with the strong smell of your marijuana while traveling. Also, people generally tend to be judgy when they discover that you're a cannabis user. 

Using a smell proof will trap the smell from oozing out. As a result, you can stay discreet, and no one will know what you're carrying. 

Additionally, smoking or dabbing requires a lot of tools. So it would be easier to have a bag that can accommodate most of the accessories you need for a session. A smell proof bag functions as a mini backpack for your stash and smoking tools. 

Why do I need a built-in Combination Lock?

Using a stash bag to trap the smell of your weed is not enough. You need a smell proof back that comes with a built-in combination lock, especially if you have kids and pets. The combo lock of this premium smell proof bag helps prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your stash.