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Custom Square Dab Mat

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  • Custom Design Dab Mats
  • Put Your Own Design on it
  • Square Size: 8.5" x 7" x 0.3mm
  • Purchase in bulk (wholesale prices) and re-sell for profit
  • Multi-Use as a Mouse Pad

Custom Square Dab Mat 

Dab mats are a must for serious dabbers. And for good reasons, of course. If you've been dabbing for a while now without mats, then you'd probably notice that hot wax dripping from your nail has ruined your tables with permanent marks. 

Also, you may even find yourself lightly knocking your dab rig over the table. How does it end? Broken!

But all of these unfortunates - a dirty table and shattered glass - wouldn't happen in the first place if you had used a dab pad

What exactly are dab mats, you wonder? Well, dab pad are mats designed for dabbing. You'll find these mats on the shelf or table at every cannabis smoke shop or dispensary. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and custom designs. 

So what are the benefits of dab mats?

If you've not been following, dab mats are placed on your dabbing surface to keep your table clean from dripping wax. This helps to protect the surface of your table from the annoying marks caused by hot, sticky dabs.

Additionally, dab pad are wide enough to accommodate dabbing tools like dabbers, wax jar, and dab rigs, keeping everything organized. The mats are usually thick and can withstand hot temperatures. 

Another great benefit of dab mats is that they act as a cushion for your dabbing rig, especially for those who are notorious for knocking their glass off the table. Dab mats help to prevent your rig from sliding off the table. 

Dab mats are reusable since they are easy to wash. However, how to clean your dab mats greatly depends on the material used for making the mat. For instance, a silicone dab mat with lots of residues can be cleaned with a paste of baking soda and warm water. 

Custom Dab Mats

With so many dab pad out there on the market, we're more concerned about custom dab mats and how you can make your own mats.  

Custom dab mats are mats with unique imprints and designs specially made to fit your taste and preference.


As mentioned earlier, dab mats come in different shapes, and one of those shapes is square. The square custom dab mats have different sizes, for example, 8.5" x 7" x 0.3mm. This provides enough space to place your dabbing tools. 

Make your own mats

Ever wondered if you could get a chance to glance at the design of your favorite TV show or the photo of a great icon or artist while dabbing? That's the beauty of custom dab mats. 

You can use whatever style, art, and color you want for your dab mats with customized mats. It is completely up to you to decide. 

To make your own dab mats, you're simply required to upload a photo or the design you'd like to see on the mat. And once you place the order, the dab mat manufacturer will make the mat according to your specification. Yes, it's that easy. 


Dab mats are made from different materials like rubber, silicone, and even fabrics, depending on your choice. However, the most important thing is that custom mats are made from thick slip-resistant materials to prevent your tools from crashing down in pieces.  

Materials for making custom dab mats are also heat-resistance since dabbing requires a torch or heat source to melt the wax. This is why dab mats can catch hot dripping wax without burning. 

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