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Custom Glass Stash Jar with Rubber Lid

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  • Put your own design, logo or artwork on a glass stash jar
  • Purchase it for yourself or make it a personalized gift
  • Purchase in bulk (wholesale prices) and re-sell for profit
  • Size: 3.2" x 1.8"

Custom Glass Stash Jar with Rubber Lid

Keeping your marijuana safe, whether it be from people who you may not want to find your stash or from the elements themselves, is one of the major focuses of marijuana enthusiasts. However, modern products, while effective, may not offer the type of personality that you’re looking for to express yourself and match some of the other tools in your collection. If you’re looking for a better product, here are a few key reasons why you should consider buying a custom stash jar with a rubber lid.  

Custom Stash Jar

A stash jar is a small jar that allows you to keep your herbs protected in a more effective manner than storing them in a bag or in a drawer. However, unlike regular stash jars, custom stash jars also allow you to customize your jar so that it represents you and features some of your favorite things right on the face of the jar. If personality and protection are important to you, you should definitely have a custom stash jar in your collection!


So, what are the benefits of having your own custom stash jar? Some of the main benefits you’ll experience when you decide to purchase a custom stash jar include: 

Your Own Design

If you already have a collection of smoking tools and accessories that already have a certain style or design, you most likely want to keep the trend going. Custom stash jars allow you to add your own design so that you can maintain the personality of your smoking materials. Whether you’re a fan of a certain TV show or movie, a band, a brand, a phrase or quote, or anything else that you can possibly think to put on your jar, a custom stash jar gives you the freedom to do anything!

Protect Your Herbs 

If you want to ensure that your herbs are high-quality even after they’ve left the dispensary, a stash jar will do the job. The first type of protection it offers is protection against nosy individuals. If you’re looking to keep your weed protected from prying eyes, a custom stash jar will keep the smell in and allow you to hide it more effectively. Moreover, a custom stash jar will allow you to keep your herbs protected against air and moisture, making sure that it retains its quality over time. 

Stylish Carrying Jar 

Finally, you have a stylish jar that you can carry anywhere. Whether you’re smoking at a friend’s house or going to a party, you have a customized jar that your friends can appreciate once you finally break out your bud!

Add Your Logo 

Of course, custom stash jars aren’t just for consumers. If you’re a business, custom stash jars are a great way to market your brand. Simply order a batch of them, ask the vendor to place your logo onto the jar, and then resell them to your customers. This allows your products to circulate among smoker circles, who will then ask more about the brand featured on the jar and be directed to your store. 

You don’t have to splurge on a stash box in order to keep your weed protected. Stash jars do just as good a job and offer greater portability. With a custom stash jar on your hands, you can keep your weed safe and look good doing it. If you’ve been looking for the right customizable weed tools but don’t know where to get started, use the guide above to learn more about why a custom stash jar with a rubber lid might be the best purchase for your needs. 

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Looks great and performs amazingly

Looks great and performs amazingly