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Why Create a Wholesale Rolling Tray Account With Us?

  1. We are faster than a lot of our competitors, whose custom rolling tray products can take 8-9 weeks to arrive. Typically, our custom, high quality cannabis accessories are ready in 2-3 weeks. 
  2. We have a super low MOQ -- wholesale discounts kick in as low as 12 trays. 
  3. We allow unlimited designs, so you can print 500 of your best selling design, or print 100 different designs on five trays each. The possibilities are unlimited. 
  4. Our trays are made from a strong polymer--almost unbreakable! Our competitors sell metal rolling trays of tinplate, that feel cheap and bend or dent easily. Our trays FEEL like high quality products--because they are!

Get in touch if you're looking to create some branded rolling trays for our wholesale price list, which kicks in as low as 12 trays:




    Wholesale Rolling Trays: An Amazing Way to Promote Your Brand

    No one has happier than someone that has just rolled a beautiful joint. 

    Picture it:

    The tray filled with smoking accessories: a grinder, rolling papers, an ashtray, lighter nearby--the last thing they see before they start their sesh is your brand, your design on the rolling tray. 

    Whether you're looking to create products you know your customers will love (if you've got a smoke shop selling hand pipes, backwoods products, bongs, etc.) to increase order value, or if you're just looking to raise awareness of your brand and have the coolest giveaways at the convention, wholesale rolling trays are a great way to invest. 

    We can offer completely custom rolling trays with your design or brand, OR we can offer you discounted stock of already made (and best selling) rolling trays we have in stock to carry in your shop. 

    Whatever your needs, we have the lowest prices in the industry, and the highest quality trays. 

    Please note: we can also provide custom dab mats (foam, not silicone), custom metal rolling trays (with or without magnetic lids), custom designed glass ashtrays, and more!

    Private Label Rolling Trays 

    Part of selling products online is having a brand that people recognize and respect. While you can certainly make a living online reselling wholesale products or selling through third-party vendors, having branded products can make a world of difference when it comes to your growth as a business. 

    How can you achieve this? The easiest way is to create your own private label products, such as private label rolling trays. 

    Put simply, a private label product is one that you pay a third party to create that has your brand placed on it and is designed specifically to meet your needs, whether that is in terms of the physical product itself or the packaging that your product comes in. 

    With private label products, you can build a more personal connection with your audience and take your business to the next level.  

    We also have blank rolling trays that you can print on. Simply buy in bulk, create your own design on it and sell it for profit!


    Selling private label products instead of generic products has a host of benefits, including the fact that you get to: 

    Sell Under Your Own Brand Name

    There is no point in having a brand if you don’t have branded products that separate themselves from other products on the market. When you put your name and logo on your products and design them specifically for your audience, you create a product that other people will see as worth buying. 

    Selling products that are under your brand name is one way to differentiate yourself from you competition and build a strong, loyal customer base. 

    Get More Exposure for Your Brand 

    Recognizable brands are as such because they have marketed their products and their brands. When someone purchases your product and shows it off to their friends or family, that person can recognize where they got it from and get it for themselves. This is how you get more exposure for your brand as you grow your business. 


    Build Customer Loyalty 

    People who have had a great experience with a brand will continue to go back, especially if they need to repurchase certain products. With private label goods, you will be able to attract customers and keep them coming back for more. 

    Generic products do result in sales, but if you are looking to build a business, you are going to want to make sure you are selling private label rolling trays. Keep this in mind as you launch your brand and seek to scale your business over time! 

    Pay For Your Order in 4 Payments!

    We're happy to announce you can purchase anything from our website and pay it all in 4 payments! Pay 25% when you order, and 25% of the original price every 2 weeks from then! 

    Wholesale Orders

    If you're looking to make a wholesale order but don't want to pay all up front, simply use Sezzle on checkout and you can pay for it over a 6 week period!


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is shipping included?

    Shipping is included in the price of all our rolling trays. Get in touch now to get our  exclusive custom pricing list.

    Are polymer rolling trays better than a metal rolling tray?

    Yes! These very thin tin rolling trays are ubiquitous, offered by a lot of our competitors because they are cheap to produce. But taking the easy road here will leave you with an inferior product. Sure, you could slap a RAW logo on a tinplate tray and sell call this Raw rolling tray your own and sell it in your store, but it'll give your customers a bad experience. 

    The trays we are thick, made from a super strong polymer with bright, clear images on them. A great tray smoking session leaves a lasting good impression when the product is as high quality (and as beautiful-looking) as our trays. 

    Is a Rolling Tray the same as a serving tray? 

    I guess... if you roll some buds on a serving tray it becomes a rolling tray, but there are a lot of reasons this could get complicated--if the tray is too big and doesn't travel easily, if the edges aren't high enough (or too high)--better to use a small tray that's made for rolling. Especially if you can customize it with your logo or branded artwork!

    Can this be used as a tobacco rolling tray?

    It certainly could! If you have a tobacco-focused shop selling rasta accessories, dab rigs, biodegradable session supplies, herb grinders, and other vape accessories, this could be a great thing to carry in your shop. You know your customers will need it--why not print it up with your custom logo, or images you know will appeal to your customers, and ratchet up the average order value by providing a cigarette rolling tray for their dry herb activities.

    Do you sell other kinds of wholesale rolling trays?

    We do!

    In addition to the polymer small rolling trays, we can offer LED weed rolling trays (where it lights up the tray surface) and can be customized with whatever art you want. We can offer LED light + bluetooth speaker trays that can connect to your device and play music while you roll. 

    We do not offer a custom glass rolling trays, a large rolling tray product, or a bamboo rolling tray. We also do not offer small or large metal trays (as we find their quality to be inferior).

    Do you offer other wholesale custom products?

    Yes! Check out our:

    Stash Jars


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