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Custom Rolling Tray (UNBREAKABLE) - Create Your Own Exclusive Unique Design

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  • Put your own design, logo or artwork on a tray
  • Purchase it for yourself or make it a personalized gift
  • Purchase in bulk (wholesale prices) and re-sell for profit
  • Size: 8" x 5"

Custom Rolling Tray

Custom rolling trays are perfect for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their rolling tray. Whether you want to get a picture of your pet, significant other, an animated picture or anything, My Rolling Tray can help you.

At My Rolling Tray, you can make your own custom printed rolling tray with any image. This makes the perfect gift for your significant other or to buy a bulk amount to re-sell. If you're a bar or serve alcohol, this will be a great custom drink tray too.

A personalized tray takes about 2 weeks to ship due to being a custom piece.

Custom Design Rolling Tray

If you’re like us, you love to leave your mark on everything from your home screen to your serving tray. What better way to express yourself than through your own custom personalized accessory.

That's why we created the My Rolling Tray so you can express yourself even when you get to hang out with the gang! You can literally put anything on these custom serving trays. If you truly wanted to you could put Bill Nye, high as a kite, riding a horse during a snowstorm.

But why would you want to do that? Most people (normal people) design their tray according to their hobbies/interests. For example, Naruto, skateboarding, Game of Thrones, or Beethoven (except not Beethoven).

Make Your Own Rolling Tray

All you have to do to design your custom drink tray is, upload a file (under 100MB) of an image that you want to be displayed on the tray, wait 2 weeks, and hey presto, you got a stylish tray to enjoy next time you roll up a joint.

You could also go the route of having a professional artist design, and craft you a completely unique tray based on an idea you give us. We will then give the concept of the custom tray to our professional art team, who will design a tray for YOU. After your unique tray is designed will give you a preview to make sure everything is in order. The best part of all this is if you dislike what the custom tray looks like we will make the appropriate adjustments, scrap it and restart.


Furthermore, our trays are incredibly durable. We use the best quality materials on the market to ensure our customers are getting the very best products available.

Our custom rolling trays are made from a non-irritant polymer which means no nasty chemicals! Another fantastic quality of polymer is its durability. I bet it would be near impossible to break our trays, even if you tried!

When we were designing our trays one of the main features we wanted to focus on was the size, so we purposely made our trays 5in X 8in. Our product is the perfect size for you, and any of your friends you're kicking it with.

How to Order

Simply upload a picture of your tray through the "Upload File" button. Once you pay for it, you will be getting an email about your current order that is processing. Once we finish printing your order and ship it out, we will update your order with a tracking number.


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