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Rolling Trays

Anyone who has rolled ground up herb knows how messy things can get during the process without a rolling tray. Precious dry herbs can be lost to whatever surface you are rolling on, the stickiness of the herbs can get all over hands, clothes, and other surfaces. Rolling paper can be extremely difficult when it is not conducted on an even or steady surface.

Like many other issues involving dry herbs, however, there has already been an invention that tackles all of these issues and provides you with a more satisfactory rolling experience. This invention is known as a rolling tray and here is what it achieves.

These help you to get the job done with far more precision and ease. If you’re relatively new to smoking, here is some more information on weed trays are and why you should get one of your own. 

What are Rolling Trays?

Rolling trays are flat trays designed to help you hold your materials as you are going through the process of preparing marijuana in paper products. Sometimes, marijuana rolling trays will simply be a flat piece of material with raised edges that will keep everything in one place while other designs will have various compartments for you to store and use your weed. Either way, they are super helpful in helping you roll a blunt or a joint. 

How to Use Them

Rolling trays are very easy to use. Just place your papers and weed (and weed grinder) onto your tray table. Then, place your paper on your tray, put the weed into it, and roll like you normally would. The tray will be a great way to catch any of your weed that may fall out of the paper as well. If you have a cheap rolling tray, you will most likely be provided with just the flat surface. If you decide to invest a bit more, you may be able to find one with extra features, such as a stash box with a tray or a custom rolling tray that comes with a rolling tool. No matter what you need, you can definitely find it on these. 


You will generally find that most of them are made out of plastic, metal, or wood (which also come in a variety of colors, whether you are looking for a pink rolling tray or branded trippy rolling trays). The materials that you choose will largely depend on how messy you get your tray and what your personal preferences are when it comes to style. For example, if you are someone who smokes over yourself and tends to accidentally drop your blunt frequently, you may want to look for a metal rolling tray that will keep you protected. Keep this in mind when you begin shopping around. Amazon and other online retailers have plenty of options to choose from, so it will be easy for you to get your hands on one!


Here are some of the benefits that come with using a herbal tray.

  • You prevent the possibility of spilling your herbs on yourself and other surfaces and potentially losing it on any surfaces below you.
  • You have an even surface that makes the rolling process easier.
  • Some trays have additional compartments where you can hold all of your extra supplies so that they are ready to go when you are.
  • You have a personalized object where you can set the mood of each of your smoke sessions.

Novelty Trays

Novelty trays, much like novelty t-shirts, are trays that will feature some kind of pop icon or other silly/popular phrase or image that is interesting to look at. Much like novelty t-shirts, these weed trays tend to be more affordable and much simpler in terms of design than trays that do not feature popular images.

Different Types of Trays:

  • Custom
  • Rick and Morty
  • RAW
  • Cool Trays
  • Cookies
  • Glitter
  • Metal
  • OCB
  • Cartoon
  • Magnetic
  • Mini
  • Benji (Rolling Tray kit with Lid)
  • Resin

Best Selling Rolling Trays

It’s no surprise that RAW comes at the top of many bestseller lists with the variety that it offers. Next to RAW, bamboo trays that feature multiple compartments seem to be the next best selling item when it comes to them. After that, best sellers vary depending on the type of images included on the face of the cool rolling tray and more than one company produces these kinds of novelty trays so quality will vary.

Weed rolling trays are extremely helpful pieces of equipment that will prevent any accidents from happening while you are rolling up. If you are in the market for one of these or if you are confused about how they work, use the guide above to help you gather more information on cartoon rolling trays and what you should be looking for in one of your own before you make the leap and purchase it.

Having a great weed rolling tray kit is essential no matter where you are smoking. Just because you need a tray, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a generic piece though. 

My Rolling Tray is here to hook you up with high-class trays that don’t just work well, but look great whenever you use them.

Reliable Rolling Trays at Wholesale Prices

Wholesale rolling trays are ideal because My Rolling Tray has the best price. We focus on giving you epic products at unbeatable prices. It’s what we are known for in the L.A. area. Add some of our signature smoking weed rolling trays to your collection today for a reliable piece you’ll use over and over again.

Whether you're looking for rolling trays wholesale or plain trays, you will find comfort and style when using it. Simply put it on your lap and enjoy the simple life.

Trays that Fit Your Style

My Rolling Tray is here to cover all of your accessory needs with premium smoking magnetic rolling trays. Want something simple? The small metal trays we offer from in-house brands like The Higher Society are your go-to solutions. Need something with a few more features? No problem! We have deluxe acrylic options with removable side mini trays and holders for lighters, rolling tips, more.

Why Use a Rolling Tray? 

As we stated above, a rolling tray helps you to contain your mess as you roll your blunts or joints, but it can also help you store your materials when you are not using them or make it easier to roll if you have a tray that comes with a built-in tool. Additionally, you can have a rolling tray that also serves as a roll-out tray in your favorite spot. For example, having roll-out trays for cabinets makes it so that you can quickly pull it out is a great idea as well. 

If you find that rolling blunts or joints are a mess, you should definitely have a rolling tray. Use the brief guide above to learn more about what kinds you can find and what you should be looking for when you begin shopping around. 

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