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Custom Metal 4 Part Grinder - Create Your Own Design

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  • Put your own design, logo or artwork on a grinder
  • Purchase it for yourself or make it a personalized gift
  • Purchase in bulk (wholesale prices) and re-sell for profit
  • Size: 2" x 1.43"

Custom Metal Grinder 

Breaking down your weed by hand is not only ineffective but messy as well. Fortunately, there’s a simple tool that can help you simplify the process: a grinder. But when you first start shopping for grinders, not just any grinder will do. You will definitely need one that is more effective at its function and you’ll likely want one that represents you. If this is the case, you should go for a custom 4-part grinder. 

Custom 4 Part Grinder

A grinder is a tool that uses “teeth” to break down your bud into small pieces of weed that you can use to fill your bowls or vapes. When your weed is broken down, it burns much more effectively and allows you to truly enjoy your herb. A custom grinder adds further value to your device by allowing you to customize it to portray your favorite phrase, brand, image, or something else that is important to you. If you not only want a great product but one that fits in with your other smoking accessories, a custom grinder is a great option. 

Print Type 

The type of image that you choose will ultimately determine the quality of your custom grinder. You should always opt for vector images as these tend to produce the best outcome. Flat images or layered art works as well but will only produce normal quality text and pictures. If you’re going to be using your grinder regularly, spend a little bit more time on your design to get the best possible design for your needs. 


So what are the benefits of selecting a custom 4-part grinder over other grinder models?

Add Your Own Logo 

If you’re a business looking for marketing materials, a custom grinder is a great option. Not only can you guarantee that your customers are going to need them, but you can customize them with your own logo so that they offer free marketing wherever they go with your customers. You can even design some to give away as promotional products to encourage new customers to come into your store or order online!

Personalize Accessories 

If you’re someone who already has an extensive collection of smoking accessories that have been customized to feature some of your favorite things, it only makes sense to continue by buying more products that you can customize. Just create or source your favorite image and let your chosen vendor do the rest by placing the image on there and shipping it to you. 


A 4-part grinder comes with far more capabilities than your average 2-part grinder. But what are these? 

Top Area to Customize 

The top area of your grinder is where you will feature your image and customize it. This is due to the fact that, when you set it down, this will be the side that will be facing upwards and showing. This isn’t necessarily a feature that affects the performance of the grinder, but it’s a feature nonetheless. 

Pollen Catcher 

Grinders that only offer two pieces waste a lot of money. When you grind, you’re not only grinding your bud down but also the THC crystals that coat your bud. When these crystals get loose and fall to the bottom, it’s easy to miss out on this pollen and end up throwing it away or washing it out later on. A kief catcher or a pollen catcher catches these crystals so that you can use them later on. Without this crucial piece, you aren’t getting the most out of your bud and stretching your dollar. 

4 Pieces 

4 pieces help you to ensure that you’re getting everything that your bud has to offer. The fewer pieces a grinder has, the less effective it will be. With 4 pieces, you can guarantee that every smoke session is a great one!

A grinder is one of the most crucial tools in a smoker’s collection, but you should settle for low-quality products that do the bare minimum. Instead, make sure that you’re getting everything you can from your bud and looking good while doing it by adding a 4-piece custom grinder to your collection!