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Glow LED Rolling Trays

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    Custom Mini Glow LED Rolling Tray

    Features: Illuminating LED Lights (7 Different LED Colors!) 8 Different Tray Colors Size: 9.5" x 5.5" Ships Out in 1-2 Days! Custom Mini LED Rol...

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    Original price $64.95
    Current price $54.95
    Save 15%
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    Custom Bluetooth Speaker Glow LED Rolling Tray

    Features: Illuminating LED Lights (7 Different LED Colors!) Your Phone Connects to Bluetooth Speaker 8 Different Tray Colors Size: 13.75" x 7.875"...

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Everyone likes some sort of visual effects. These effects can often be increased by being in the dark. When a glow in the dark LED funky rolling tray is lit up, it has your favorite design with a backlight. 

What are Glow LED Rolling Trays?

Glow rolling trays contain LED lights that serve to light up the visible area., It allows users to see what they are doing if they choose to roll up at night or in a dark room. 


With everything else, there are some features to a product.

Lights Up

Glow rolling trays are equipped with various features, one of them being the lights.  Users can now add some flare and fun to their smoking experience with multicolored LED lights. Users can choose which color they want to light up with and they can keep the glow going by charging them up with a USB charging cable.

Features: Great for Dark Settings

Glow LED trays are wonderful for dark settings as they can enhance your nightlife events by creating a colorful glow, whether it's a cookies logo or a runtz. 

Curved Edges for No Mess

Glow LED trays feature curved edges, which allows users to easily fill up their cones without the hassle of creating a large mess to clean up afterward. 

Custom LED Rolling Trays

If you want to make your own custom LED glow rolling trays, My Rolling Tray can help with that. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We can split designs into a certain quantity of trays. Make sure you have the design ready to go and let us know. We will get your custom LED rolling tray started!