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Custom Rolling Trays

  • custom rolling tray - unbreakable
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    Original price $49.95
    Current price $34.95

    Custom Rolling Tray

    Features: Put your own design, logo or artwork on a tray Purchase it for yourself or make it a personalized gift Purchase in bulk (wholesale price...

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    Original price $49.95
    Current price $34.95
    Save 30%
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    Current price $54.95

    Custom Mini Glow LED Rolling Tray

    Features: Illuminating LED Lights (7 Different LED Colors!) 8 Different Tray Colors Size: 9.5" x 5.5" Ships Out in 1-2 Days! Custom Mini LED Rol...

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    Original price $64.95
    Current price $54.95
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  • $69.95

    Custom Bluetooth Speaker Glow LED Rolling Tray

    Features: Illuminating LED Lights (7 Different LED Colors!) Your Phone Connects to Bluetooth Speaker 8 Different Tray Colors Size: 13.75" x 7.875"...

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For brands or individuals who like to have products like rolling trays may be something that they want to have customized. If you are looking for your own custom rolling tray, let’s take a closer look at these kinds of products and how you can get your hands on one. 

What are Custom Rolling Trays? 

Custom rolling trays are any kind of rolling trays that have been altered in order to make it relevant to the individual that it is being bought for. For example, let’s imagine that you were buying a friend a rolling tray of their own as a gift.

Rather than just picking the first one you can get online, you can instead find custom weed trays that features their name, an image that is important to them, or something else that personalizes the product. Put simply, a rolling tray can be a personalized product that makes it unique to whoever it is being purchased for. 

Types of Custom Rolling Tray

When you want to put your own design on a roller tray, it's best to know which type you want. LED rolling trays are very popular but they do cost a bit more, especially if you're looking to purchase wholesale. Metal tin ones are generally too cheap but the polymer is the next best one.

LED Rolling Tray

Custom LED glow tray kits are super popular options.  There are different types. Some are square/rectangle while others are oval and allow you to connect to your phone's Bluetooth. You can listen to music while you roll up! Have your own design or logo on a glowing rolling tray light up the room while you sit back and check out the cool visuals.


If you're looking for a rolling tray that is super durable but portable, the polymer unbreakable custom trays will work well. Put any logo on it that you want. Roll up then put it in your purse or backpack. 

Promotional Material 

Whether you are looking for custom smoke trays on your own, additional products like joint rollers, or whole rolling tray sets, you can get almost anything customized. For example, a custom image rolling tray may feature someone’s favorite television show, movie, or any other type of product that can be printed onto the material. On the other hand, someone may want custom-made metal trays that feature engraved names, dates, or other items that are highly personal to them. 

Custom Printed Design

If you are looking for specific brands or branded items, the best place to start is to go to websites that offer a host of custom printed rolling trays that are popular and bought frequently. If you can’t find your chosen product just by shopping around online, the next best step is to go to a website that specializes in making custom printed rolling trays and will allow you to either apply your own design or give it to a team at the company that will take care of it for you. This will give you more freedom over exactly how your tray looks and turns out. If you can’t find a tray that is easily personalize-able, you can also look into DIY projects as a last resort in order to customize it yourself. 

What if, on the other hand, you want to make your own custom weed trays? You’ve probably Googled, “how to make a rolling tray” numerous times trying to figure out exactly how you can enter the space yourself. The best way to do this would be to look for a custom rolling tray wholesale deal that would allow you to pick up tons of rolling trays at a time.

My Rolling Tray is known to be the ultimate vendor for custom rolling trays. We are the manufacturer that prints them at the best price! We do not require any minimum order quantity. We can beat the prices of all competitors with like-material trays!

When you happen to have an order in which someone is looking for a custom designed rolling tray with pictures (or you get that question frequently and you need to find ways to design them), you can partner with a business that has the tools available to personalize your bulk rolling trays. 

The biggest issue with making them yourself is that most online tutorials will show homemade products, which is certainly something that your followers will not be interested in purchasing.

If you are truly interested in starting a business where you can create these custom products, make sure to do your research and purchase the right technology needed to properly personalize your trays, such as metal engraving tools. 

While regular weed rolling trays are exciting on their own, custom weed trays can add a bit more excitement, whether you are purchasing them for your own use or purchasing them for a friend. To learn a little bit more about what custom rolling trays are and how you can find your own or make your own, use the article above to get started!